XeRo Media Founder, Johnny McCartin, In The News

Tech Entrepreneur Johnny McCartin talks about family values, entrepreneurship, blockchain, and how Covid-19 impacted business.

Johnny McCartin sat down for an interview with The Sunday Review, where he spoke at length about his businesses, influences, and the state of the business landscape after the pandemic. The renowned tech entrepreneur credits his parents for much of his success. He shares that the family values instilled in him far surpass the conventional definitions of what a great entrepreneur should be. Now, Johnny McCartin owns three successful companies: XeRo Media, XeRo To Sixty, and EndUserValet.

Having started with a solid foundation, built with core family values that he has now injected into his entrepreneurial quest, McCartin is a man of integrity, excellence, and a heart for others. McCartin began his entrepreneurial journey in junior high when his mom helped him rent a C02 tank to charge friends for paintball gun fill-ups. His entrepreneurial spirit has only grown stronger since.

Speaking to The Sunday Review, McCartin says his parents allowed him to pursue his dreams. They trusted him based on his reliable track record. Johnny McCartin’s XeRo Media was born at his parent’s kitchen table. One of his very first projects, AllThingsSuccess.com, was inspired by quotes his parents had posted on his kitchen wall.

“The core thing that drove me to succeed was that I never wanted to disappoint my parents. They gave me guidance but latitude to freedom. They did a great job of equipping me to make my own decisions. My parents made me believe ‘anything is possible.’ If someone had an idea, it was, ‘let’s make it happen.’”

From very humble beginnings, his company grew and branched into three divisions to provide various tech needs. He has built multi-million-dollar platforms as a direct provider, stunning websites, brand development, software development, and digital marketing.

Owning and running three companies is not easy, but McCartin shares that it is easier because the companies are complementary. What began with XeRo Media for web development services quickly grew to XeRo To Sixty due to clients’ need for software development. EndUserValet provides IT services to clients. McCartin believes in providing as much value as possible to a customer and has positioned his businesses to be able to provide every tech need.

Being in the tech industry, McCartin also touches on blockchain technology, citing that though misunderstood, the technology is crucial for the future. He describes Blockchain as a nascent marketplace that is more than just a system for transactions; it guarantees trust in a decentralized market. XeRo To Sixty offers blockchain programming for entrepreneurs with a foundational understanding of blockchain technology and want to build a product on it.

In the interview, McCartin also discussed the impact of Covid-19 on business. “It was an exercise in being financially responsible – planning for the worst. Fortunately, we did not have to implement any contingency plans,” he shares.

The nature of his businesses being rooted in technology helped McCartin assist restaurant businesses to pivot to online ordering (OLO). The OLO product was able to come in handy for customers. Offering it for free to the customer base helped businesses find their footing in an uncertain time and provided much-needed test data for the XeRo team.

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