TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read

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Keep Your Audience with TL;DR Summaries

TL:DR: When writing content, you should consider that every quick scroll down a page loses half of your audience. Two scrolls can mean you are down to 25% of your potential audience; four scrolls bring you to under 10%.  Be as informative as you can be on the top “fold” of your page. People scrolling down should already be confident that your page will have the answer they want.

TL;DR: Get To The Point

A study by Microsoft demonstrated that global attention spans have been declining since 2000. The average person’s attention span is now down to eight seconds (in a world of 7-second Tik-Toks, you probably already realized that!). This is why content writers need to include TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) summaries with their posts. These summaries give readers the most important information without making them skim, scan, or read through the entire piece. If you want to keep your readers interested and engaged, make sure to use TL;DR summaries or mini-FAQs on your page.

TL;DR summaries can help you rank higher in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page)

TL;DR summaries can positively impact your SEO, as they answer questions for readers clearly and distinctly and increase the time spent on your web page.  They will also position your site as a source of answers for Google’s “People Also Ask” section, which appears at the top of many searches.  All of this will enhance your Google rankings. 

If you include your TL;DR synopsis at the top of your post, search engines can use that as the summary in search results as well (although there’s no guarantee that they will).