How to Get Your Google Reviews

Looking at a review summary on a smartphone

How to Keep Your Google Reviews Coming

Small businesses rely on customer reviews to stay afloat. Whether positive or negative, Google Reviews have an impact on a business. It’s one of the most significant factors people consider when making a purchase.

According to Moz, review elements such as total, velocity, and variety account for 15.44% of all local search ranking criteria.

The average Google reviews, by local ranking position, were examined in a recent BrightLocal study. It demonstrates that the local business with the most reviews tends to rank first in local search results.

BrightLocal even remarks that simply adding the Google review widget to a website can increase conversions by 5 to 25%.

It is self-evident that businesses that use a systematic and scalable review method will outperform their local competition and succeed in the long run.

Consider the following figures:

  • Positive feedback can result in a twofold increase in conversions¬†
  • Before visiting a website, more people (63.6%) look at Google Reviews
  • 94% stated that a negative review caused them to avoid a company
  • 90% of people read ten reviews before trusting a company

How to Get Google Reviews

It’s not a big deal to ask for a review. Although paying for reviews is against Google’s standards, there are still ways to collect customer feedback. Sending them a simple email is the quickest approach to receiving a response.

Here are some great tips for achieving better results:

  • Personalize your message

Make your customer feel special. A dull email requesting a review isn’t going to cut it!

  • Send quickly

Catch them while your company and products are still fresh in their minds.

  • Make it short!

Don’t make them read a novel-length email.

  • Make it simple!

Include a link to a review form for your customers to leave feedback.

A Google Review is like “word of mouth” gone digital. The number of reviews that your business has is important. If you have a high number of reviews, then your customers will be more likely to trust your website. So keep them coming!