Blogging Tips for 2022 Part 3

Blogging on Laptop

2022 Blogging Tips III

If you’ve mastered Blogging Tips I & II, these Top Ten Tips will ensure your content is seen online!

  1. Looking for a great topic? Do a local search. Take a peek at the top results, and do that subject matter better than that other page one result.
  2. Once you start getting into some topics you have touched on before, make sure you do some internal linking between those similar pages.
  3. People (and Google) LOVE accurate, relatable lists. You cannot go wrong with an accurate list.
  4. More importantly, research your lists.  If everybody else has a Top Ten or Twenty-Five, go for 50. #bethebest
  5. Title headline modifiers like “Best,” “Top”, and “New” attract eyeballs. So do question marks and numbers.
  6. Your Blog Post Title should be 60 characters or less. More won’t hurt, but too many won’t help.
  7. Third-party links are excellent – write something for a related blog with a link back to yours. 
  8. Try to make your article “evergreen” or seasonal. A one-time event happening on a specific date will eventually have an expiration date.
  9. Still stuck on finding a topic? Think of something related but not what you might typically consider – it can be historical or topical.
  10. Add a short FAQS section with your blog/article. Several simple one-sentence questions with a brief 2-3 sentence answer can be incredible Google-bait and increase your chances of being included in a top-of-the-search-page Featured Snippet.