Blogging Tips for 2022 Part 2

Plans and blogging with laptop

2022 Blogging Tips II

As a business owner creating your own content, you know how important it is to stay updated with trends. You also understand how crucial it is to produce high-quality blog posts.

Here Are Ten Things Every Piece of Professional Content Should Contain:

  1. A Catchy Title – use your focused keyword phrases.
  2. Even better, ask a question in your Title.
  3. Your Headline Should be a 3-7 word intro to what you are talking about.
  4. Your opening sentences should include your keyword phrase and bring the reader into your story.
  5. Related to #4 above, TALK to your reader. Your title and headline have brought them this far. Make them feel welcome with your subject that has already piqued their interest.
  6. Huge blocks of words can be intimidating online. Limit your paragraphs to three to five sentences, and definitely under 100 words.
  7. 100 words is pushing it. Think more like 50-70 words in your paragraphs.
  8. Google (and readers) love easy-to-understand tables and graphics.
  9. Total word count matters – 300 minimum, 600 is better, 900 to 1200 is best. You can go longer too.
  10. Run your content through Grammarly – even the free version can point out errors before publishing!

BONUS TIP: Don’t be afraid to link out to higher-ranking and well-established websites.