Google Algorithm Updates Happen Every Day

Hand hovering over search illustration

How Often Does Google Update Its Searches?

Google made 4,500 changes to search in 2020, according to Search Engine Land – that is more than 12 a day. That’s up from 3200 in 2019.

How Can You Keep Up? 

Short answer…you can’t!  There are dozens of factors and many variations for any search for your services that determine search rankings. Location and singular or plural variations of the targeted search words can make a difference.  And while the truth is that Google is not intentionally sabotaging your SEO efforts, it can sure seem that way. Your site jumping into the top ten, then moving to page 2 and sometimes disappearing altogether can drive you crazy if you check in too often.  It’s like going on a diet and weighing yourself 8x a day. 

Do You Have To Keep Up?

Google doesn’t share a lot of information about its algorithm changes, but it does give us hints. The one thing to keep in mind is that Google’s number one job is to offer its users (searchers) an answer to what they are seeking – a bit of news, advice, or a product or service. 

A good SEO plan involves watching trends, tweaking keywords and content, and perhaps most importantly, patience. Keep in mind that the changes Google makes are not limited to your industry, they are broad-sweeping changes to how Google serves up search results to the end-user.  Google profiles its searchers.  They have a good understanding, based on searches, about a searcher’s age, eating habits, health, the books they read, and favorite distractions.  When providing search results, Google prioritizes industries and companies that match a searcher’s interests.  It’s why person A may see your website on page 1 and person B may see it on page 2.  The goal of a good SEO campaign is to watch and analyze trends and optimize your site so that it appears on page 1 as often as possible for the largest number of searchers.

There are various factors that can help increase the odds of your website being on the first page of a search result – 3rd party links and directory listings, your Google My Business listing, your brand’s reach, but nothing is more important than the content on your pages. A strong, updated focus on your expertise with your product or services is the single most important factor that can help ensure consistent rankings on the first page, the Top 5, Top 3, and #1 search results.